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Please Note:- Warranty Limitations

All new inflatables sold have a limited manufacturers warranty, which is applicable against any defect in workmanship of the inflatable and against material defect for a period of one year from the shipping date. All units should be inflated upon arrival and examined carefully. Any damage incurred through mishandling of the carrier or weather related damage is not the liability of ourselves. As we can not be held responsible if you select to use a carrier to transport the goods and they become lost or damage. Please report damage to the carrier immediately. Goods which are clearly visible as damaged at time of delivery should be "refused" and the couriers will then return to the factory. Goods kept by the customer which clearly appear damaged are then taken as being accepted in full.

We have the right to inspect the unit and if the defect has occured under the conditions listed in this limited warranty, we will determin whether it is practical to repair or replace the damaged or defective parts at the designated location that we have authorised. Any unit returned to us for inspection MUST be in clean, dry condition else it will not be able to be set up on our work tables ie if it is wet and dirty, and therefore will not be able to be inspected. We re-iterate that we will not be able to inspect, safety test or repair any dirty or wet inflatables under warranty due to Health & Safety reasons. A cleaning and drying charge applies at £50 plus VAT per hour to clean and dry any inflatable sent to us. Please remember as per handbook that inflatables are not to be used in heavy rain or strong winds because of Health Safety reasons, and to help prolong the life of the inflatable. Occasional light showers, and light breezes are acceptable so long as inflatables are not stored away wet.

Our warranty is not a guarantee that the product will not through use, handling and storage develop tears or punctures from time to time. The repair of which is the responsibility of the buyer. Improper maintenance, accidental abusive or negligent treatment or any repairs carried out without our prior consent at one of our recognised repair centres will invalidate the warranty of the inflatable. If after initial viewing we believe that the unit has been subject to improper use or incorrect maintenance or neglect, we reserve the right to terminate any warranty. Our decision with regards to all warranty claims is based on over a decade in the business, and is final. All inflatables we sell are strictly for children (note the user cannot be taller than the walls) up to the age of 11, unless ADULT is clearly stated. The Adult units may be used by children under 11, and over including teenagers and also adults. Adult units to have a maximum of 4 users on at any one time. This term is non-negotiable. The cost of shipping the units to and from the designated location for evaluation within the warranty period, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. All shipping costs will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. All activity castles and obstacle courses with items protruding ie bish bash and wall with holes etc, are not covered within the guarantee. Handpainted artwork is not covered under warranty. Sack truck/trolley's and crash mats carry a 28 day warranty. Printed crashmats need to be handled with care ie storage and transport. They are meant to be walked on with "socks only" as the decorative artwork can damage otherwise, which is not covered under the warranty. Generators carry a 6 month return to base warranty. Used/ex-demo inflatables carry a 3 month warranty. All warranties are return to base. As of 1st May 2004 extended warranties on inflatables have become available to purchase.

Our unique 3 year guarantee is open to all new customers buying childrens bouncy castles (suitable for under 11 years of age) All slides, obstacle courses gladiators, boxing, sumos and other games come with a 12 month stitch warranty. The 12 month and 3 year warranties covers stitching not the wear and tear on the PVC. A condition of this unique 3 year warranty is that each inflatable covered under this warranty has to undergo an annual safety tests within our factory on the anniversary of the day the inflatable was originally tested. The cost of the safety test is £45. Please note that the warranty is void if these conditions are not met, and the 12 month warranty will then be the only warranty that will apply.

Adult castles are suitable for adult use, so long as they are used appropriately. 15'x12' units - 2 adults maximum, 15'x15' units 3 adults maximum, 15'x18' units - 4 adults maximum. The castles are for bouncing up and down only - no horseplay. Maximum weight per adult - 12 stone. Although these castles are re-inforced for adults, that doesn't mean that they are "un-breakable" if abused.

Airdancers/Skywalkers Limited Warranty for 90 days, and workmanship warranty for 6 months. Fan warranty one year. Based on regular use, in good weather. High UV areas and less than desirable conditions can greatly shorten the units life span. Never wash and keep dry. Water may remove the UV protection.

Warning Notice: Please ensure that you read the instructions for the bungee cord ropes before each hire, and that the Operator of the inflatable is fully aware of these bungee cord instructions that accompany the bungee run.

No replacement equipment is available during any warranty inspection.


We have made every possible effort to illustrate size and dimensions as in the advertising. All sizes are based on pre-assembled measurements, and therefore may vary slightly. All sizes are approximate and colours may vary. All measurements include the front step where one is applicable. The descriptions used are for our sole identity of the products and have to claim against the warranty limitations.

We disclaim any responsibility whatsoever to buyers or to any other person for injury to person(s) caused by any product which has been subjected to misuse, negligence, or accidents, or misapplied or modified or improperly installed.

We make not warranty for additional products sold to purchaser that is manufacturered by a 2nd or 3rd party nor are we liable for any defect that could cause loss of use or injury to these items.

We endeavour to re-produce from images as close as possible but designs, colours and sizes can vary. Whenever specific colours are requested, we always endeavour to meet these, however, should a particular colour be out of stock an alternative will always be used. We reserve the right to deliver an inflatable of the same value, but varying theme if we are unable to re-produce the particular theme for some reason without notice. We recommend that none of our customers take bookings on units until they receive them in stock. Any shortages have to be notified to ourselves within 7 days.

Promotions can not be used with any other special offers, and we reserve the right to offer cash equivalent prizes in place of items when the original items become un-obtainable ie are sold out.

You affirm that you understand that all transactions are subject to plus the current rate of VAT if you are a UK Customer. If you are an EU customer outside the UK and you provide us with your VAT number in your country, once the number has been authorised, no VAT will be payable. For customers outside the EU ie Australia, Africa, USA, South America etc no VAT is payable. Commercial customers are deemed business to business transactions and therefore not covered by the sale of goods act. Private individuals who purchase are covered by the sale of goods act. Whilst there is an active shopping cart on the site, it calculates the prices without VAT as we export internationally. Please call to clarify your purchase with the correct final charge of VAT. (If applicable in the country you reside, along with the correct carriage costs.)

All prices whenever quoted either on the website, in correspondence or verbally are all plus VAT at the current rate.

Delivery of goods

All export orders (ie goods shipped outside of UK) carry a £50 administration fee

VAT number

Our Vat number: 8122 96047

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